Poptails by LAPP


Lapp make Poptails: cocktail ice pops. They sell them at festivals, PR events, parties and are stocked in bars and clubs in London and Paris, so their branding always has to be eye catching to fit in with the retro and fun ethos of the brand.

I was responsible for rolling out their new branding; developing their logo to include ‘Poptails’ and a secondary one to make it clear what they sell. Designing the new box packaging, patterns for the Poptails, a stall for events, freezer designs, parasols, stickers, balloons, t-shirts, printed flyers, custom built usher trays and menus. I also styled the new season photoshoot and created images and illustrations for social media.

Photoshoot: Sam Wiles, styling by me. Non-alcoholic poptail packaging: Romilly Winter.